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The Great Gatsby: influencing fashion

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In the not too distant future a new interpretation of The Great Gatsby will grace our cinema screens, and with it will come a renewed interest in 1920s fashion. With the new film, TV series from the same era, and society's attempts to move away from the austerity of recent years, there could be something of the perfect storm. As such, Fashionising.com is looking at a revival of all things 1920s not just for the potential interpretation of the 'modern-flapper' but also for the potential for the influence of 1920s fashion to dominate part of 2012's fashion trends in the latter half of the year. But which elements will we be looking to in the coming seasons?

When you look back at the bygone decades, you either remember the political liberation, the historical restructure or the fashion. The way society's men and women dressed, the shoes they wore, the parties they attended and the wine they drank.

The 1920s brought with it a ring of independence, sexual emancipation and life. People realised they want to live life to the fullest. The decade is remembered, perhaps even romanticised, for being all about sex, alcohol and jazz. After the horror of the First World War, people intended to make up for all the time lost. This overwhelming desire to bounce back brought about transformations that awestruck the world. Architecture became more aerodynamic, modern technology took over households and the female wardrobe underwent a momentous alteration. Even though books may argue that 'youth culture' gained popularity in the 1960s, Hollywood movies and TV shows set in the 1920s seem to argue otherwise. People lived a fast paced lifestyle, secretly consumed excessive amount of alcohol and danced the night away to live jazz at the bar.

But the real excitement was the birth of a flapper girl. And we're now looking for her return.

the great gatsby film 1974
1974's film interpretation of The Great Gatsby

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Vintage shopping: 3 styles to invest in now

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The thing about trawling vintage stores and charity shops for the best fashion trend pieces is that you realistically have to think a season or two ahead. Depending on where you are in the world will depend on how badly they get ram-raided once any particular trend hits the streets in a big way. So stocking up on cool, original vintage pieces before the masses start hunting for them is the way to go.

Of course, current trends to stay on the look out for are anything 70s: crochet, bell-bottoms, big hats, ruffled blouses. But all that's fairly obvious. The less obvious future trends are more of a gamble, but knowing what to look for pays off once the flurry of punters hits are there's nothing left in store, and prices skyrocket along with demand.

So with 2012's fashion trends on the horizon, what should you be looking for right now? So here are three trends to pick up now, rejoice in later:

kimono oriental

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Goodbye Cellulite: Khlo� Kardashian and Nivea Team Up for Bikini Challenge

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Khlo� Kardashian's willingness to keep things real even when the cameras stop rolling is one of the main reasons she's our favorite Kardashian. Now the 26-year-old reality TV star is inviting us along for the journey as she takes on a fight against cellulite.

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Christian Louboutin Ecotrash

Ecological shoes can too be sexy as these cork, canvas and PVC shoes demonstrate. Be eco-conscious and sexy at the same time by sporting these mix-print statement high heel shoes that are daring and fun!

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Hazy navy


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Christian Louboutin Pampas Pump

High heel nude pumps featuring a gorgeous cut-out leather design make the perfect recipe for a contemporary yet classic look that fits any diva. Nude is definitely a hot color of the spring/summer 2011 season and these nude pumps can definitely deliver the hotness you're looking for!

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Born Again: black on black

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With models breaking their way through black stockings like butterflies through a dark cocoon, the rebirth theme of Shamim de Varax's shoot Born Again is immediately apparent. Despite an all-black colour palette of edgy outfits against an also-black backdrop, de Varax's photography keeps the detail of the clothing. And even so, her shots allow for the intense hairstyles and makeup looks by Anke Hensen to draw the focus of each image.

Born Again by Shamim de Varax

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